Start Your Journey with Life Force Energy Transmissions

Take advantage of our Special Introductory Pricing that will be in effect till the end of 2019.
For children below age 18 use coupon code CLD at checkout to get 50% off adult prices.

Personal Consultation

  • Includes:
  • 1 Consult with Patricia by phone or email.
  • 1 Energy Transmission toward end of call.
  • 2 Energy Transmissions while you sleep on consecutive nights

Omaja Membership

  • Includes:
  • Daily Energy Transmissions while you sleep
  • Access to monthly zoom call
  • Learn about Life Force Energy
  • Extra Energy Transmission during zoom call
  • Access to private Slack Group
  • Cancel at any time

Omaja Gold

  • Includes:
  • Everything in Omaja Program
  • More individualized attention
  • Extra energy support as needed
  • Unlimited access to Patricia through email (within reason)
  • There is limited availability to this program
  • Cancel at any time


Omaja means the result of Divine Connection. This ongoing monthly membership program is designed for you to strengthen and increase your connection to your higher self and the God of your understanding so you may experience higher levels of your potential.


  • Receive Life Force Energy Transmissions In Your Sleep
  • Join our Slack community

Monthly Group Call

All Omaja program participants will be invited to a complimentary monthly group call to:

  • Learn more about Life Force Energy
  • Receive a Life Force Energy Transmission during the zoom call
  • Ask questions
  • Share experiences

Home and Property

Receive a Divine Blessing for your home, land or other property.


  • Includes:
  • 3 Divine Blessings

Monthly Membership

  • Includes:
  • Receive a Divine Blessing per month

Custom Programs

Contact Patricia to discuss Custom Programs to fit your specific needs or Joint ventures for agriculture, livestock, nutraceuticals and more with ourĀ Biofield Enhancement Team